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Dedicated to an online 7th Sea chat-game. Time to walk the plank, mateys!
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May 2019
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Seventh Sea Online Forum - Portal I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 21, 2010 7:25 am by Funkymatic

7th Sea Online Moves to New Port! (February 14, 2009)

7th Sea Online's forums have been moved to

It is one more step towards the opening of the game as we are now looking forward to a permanent home for the site, along with hosting and chat interface. JeffV of Five Rings Online (FRO) has generously agreed to lend a hand (covered with seaweed and barnacles) with the programming needed for the game and site.

As such, the forums here are virtually empty save for legacy entries which only the GMs can access.

We are looking at a time-table of mid-2009 for the game to officially open. In the meanwhile, bait your hooks and settle down and wait for the fish to bite. Better yet, contribute to the discussion. And if there is no discussion, start your own :-)

See you in the new site and we hope that you will continue to support us.

- Fridrik, Lead Designer, Head GM

GMs Wanted!

7th Sea Online is looking for GMs to help the game sail along and keep afloat (Sorry, can't resist). There are three (3) main spheres where characters will be involved in: Adventure (Exploration), Military, and Political.

Adventure GMs will focus on what makes the game of 7th Sea exciting - swashbuckling and swordplay, and discovering the hidden riches of the seas.
Military GMs will focus on the naval forces of New Canguine. Political GMs will focus on the intricate machinations of the nations of 7th Sea as they try to stamp their influence on the Midnight Archipelago.

If you are interested in becoming a GM, please send an application through forum PM or to What we are looking for are the following: A short biography, GM experience (not necessarily with 7th Sea, though it is a much needed requirement), GM style, expectations, and possible contributions.

See you at New Canguine!

- Fridrik, Lead Designer, Head GM